Dave Walden's TUG2016 presentation and paper

An informal look into the history of digital typography


Over the past several years, I have been thinking about the steps in the history of digital typography, particularly with regard to desktop typesetting. (This has not been a rigorous academic study. I have talked to easy-to-access people and read an unorganized selection of books, articles, and Internet postings.) In this presentation, I will share my current sketch of my impression of some representative historical steps. This may be interesting to people who have not tried explicitly to organize their own understanding and memory of the history of digital typography. I also provide (somewhat ad hoc) list of documents and videos for others like me who are coming to the history of typography late in life; when choosing between citations, I have leaned toward those available on the Internet.


The paper is at http://tug.org/tug2016/walden-digital.pdf.